Fiscal freedom is the only ethical choice.

How is someone able to earn money liable for those that cannot do it?
In other words, why should anybody have to pay for others?

Think about it for a second. As far as there are many un-ethical ways to earn money, the only good way to do it is solving other peoples’ problems, by providing valuable goods and services.
It doesn’t matter what goods and services, business must provide (sell) more value that it consumes to be successful and make owner rich. And in perfect case there should be a voluntary exchange where smart people buy things for their benefit.

So, it a consumer is educated, knows his goals and needs, only businesses doing good things for people will be revarded. Otherwise consumer breeds bad businesses with his own money.

Governments around the world also want to solve some problems. That’s why they tax people to extract money needed for work on solutions. But is that really fair to take away what somebody got from others, because he got more than others?

I think not, if there’s no proof that a rich man did something wrong. If he does then fine, please take away his money so that wrongdoings are not profitable. Instead of punishing for being profitable and ethical, consider setting incentives for good behavior.

To eliminate societal wrongs, Governments might precisely tax the wrongdoings, not the production.

Why make tarrifs for imported food, and subsidies for local food? Is there any moral superity of local farmers, instead of the overseas farmer? Is the populace better of without the access to cheaper food?

Why subsidise renewable energy, which is taxed anyway, when you can just tax carbon emissions? You can fill up the treasury and promote green energy at the same time.

Why tax capital gains and inflate currency if you can let people trade freely without invoices and receipts? You can still tax and fine people if they are proven to do anything wrong, but let them make profit on doing good.

But to fulfill the entire potential of capitalism, one would need some mental revolution. Government will not change itself if people don’t demand the change. And people won’t, if they don’t see how they will be better off after the change.
Change is possible, I have undergone it myself. What is crucial, is unwinding some old habits of thinking which don’t help. One you are re-wind and think productively, you demand everybody to be productive. And help those who temporarily are not, to become the ones. The road is very long, but it is worth it. Everybody can better manage their lives, time and money. It’s just a matter of knowing, what you must know.

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