I love diesel clouds behind me…

For quite a long time I’ve been advocating for non-aggression and compensation of environmental effects as a rule of law… for taxing pollution instead of income, and for spending less public money on public roads.

Unfortunately, as much as I loved freedom and good natural environment, the world doesn’t want to follow my advice. I was never compensated for eating less meat than average, for cycling on dangerous roads, or for using little electricity. My purely intellectual work was always taxed, so that farmers and miners could enjoy special subsidies and privileges. My state invests heavily in non-renewable energy, and nobody cares how much smoke does any particular furnace and vehicle emit.

Therefore… now I love heavily accelerating in my old diesel car. The harder I push the pedal, the more smoke it emits, and the better I feel. Why? Because people will not punish me for that. They will happily inhale my smoke in the name of neccessity, convenience and “greater good”.

I would love to be a bit more responsible but… some other moron can ride an old diesel car on public road so why can’t I do it? It’s “free” anyway. And nobody is accountable.