I just paid income taxes.

I just paid income tax.

Part of it was from corporate job, and part of it was from holding and selling Bitcoin in 2017.

And of course I feel morally wronged. What did I do against the society that I’ve got to pay so much for it? The money I oficially had to pay for merely speculative gains are the equivalent of:

  • about 250 parking tickets (or littering, or public drinking)
  • about 100 average speeding tickets
  • 5 strong laptops
  • 10 decent laptops
  • 10000 cans of average beer

Who the hell invented progressive taxation? You even don’t have to earn a fortune to be fined very heavily. Not even close. I just did well this year.

I didn’t do that well in the previous years, in fact I was quite poor back then. And I cannot calculate that into the cost of previous years good performance.

That’s fucking frustrating. I consider changing the country, cause cryptocurrencies will rise once again (after they end their current decline), and again I will be able to profit. This time I am not willing to be fined that much for it.

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